We have all types of glass for your needs. From thin to thick, from clear to blue type. Glass is not basic anymore. It comes in array of colors and patterns as well.


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Residential Type Window and Glass

Solar Screens for Heat and Privacy use.

Insulated Glass

We have bug and solar screens for your everyday use. Opening up your windows in summer requires a good screen to keep the bugs out.

Solar Screens are a necessity when you can't bare the heat. They keep out 80% and 90% of all sun's heat and glare. It acts as a privacy mesh during the day. You can look out but your neighbors can't look in.

Almond, Adobe, Bronze, White and Satin

Color Type Screen Frames

"Next to excellence is the appreciation of it"

Mirror walls for dance studios, yoga studios, and even gyms are one of our specialties. Look us up when your ready for an estimate on a wall that needs an elegant look for your customers.


Dissection View of an Insulated Unit

Insulated Glass is a unit that consist of 2 layers of glass combined together to form a unit that reflex's heat or cold in summer or winter. Heating and cooling cost drop with the use of insulated glass. We can tell you exactly what's right for you. Don't forget to ask us.

Fiberglass and Aluminum Bug Screen

Commercial Type Glass and Metal